Level 2 Livescan Background Screening


Alliance Fingerprinting Lab offers livescan fingerprinting services, Level 2, FDLE & FBI, State and Federal background checks and drug screening services. Alliance uses advanced biometric solutions for capturing, managing, and transferring level 2 data including photo. For level 2, Alliance captures fingers, full hand and palm recognition, using a digital imaging technology livescan system that is FBI certified and FDLE approved.

Alliance is not a Third Party Vendor nor a subcontractor. Alliance’s livescan system is directly linked to FDLE, therefore you get your level 2 results fast. For information on the FDLE approved livescan vendors in your area, please visit FDLE Online. To schedule livescan fingerprinting/level 2 background check (with photo capabilities), click here:


Background Check Fee

AHCA/DOH/Healthcare Related: $96.50

All Others: $76.50




Method of Payment 

Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Business Check, or Cash.



What You Need to Bring

A Government ID, such as Driver’s License, Passport, Alien Registration Card, or Military ID.


Phone: (561) 948-4177

Fax: (561) 948-2012

Email: office@alliancefingerprinting.com
Website: www.alliancefingerprinting.com

Address: 2215 N. Military Trail, Suite O, West Palm Beach, FL 33409